Your Italian Autograph

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Sirca India's Italian products range beautifies your home with eternal finesse. Bring Italy to your home with all things Italian because richness & beauty begins with Sirca, Your Italian Autograph...


Experience the symphony of love and get ready to be enchanted as your heart sings along

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Bring Italy

to Your Home!

Italian Decor inspirations are reckoned to establish a niche.

If you’ve got an eye for premium interiors and enjoy upgrading your living standards then the premium range of Italian products from Sirca-India is your best pick. Your interiors define you as well as your style. Just name it and Sirca India excels it. By creating an unmatchable class, the natural products add finesse and grandeur to your space. Thus, uplifting the beauty with all things Italian.

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Premium Italian Wall Textures

Marketed by Sirca in India

Sirca India and Oikos come together to curate a harmonious blend of Italian extravagance and innovative wall textures. With the motto, “Solve the problems others ignore!”

Multidecor Skin

Multidecor Skin is an eco-friendly matt paint with a textured effect that is soft to the touch.


Ottocento has made history in the decoration of surfaces in interior design.


Ultrasaten is a stain-resistant, ecological, ultra-covering, extra washable, wall paint.


Supercolor is a paint that is 100% eco-friendly and guarantees top

Key Features

The quality of “made in Italy” thus blends with innovation with an international scope to face together the challenges of the future.

Effective & Efficient UV Protection
Offers Non-Yellowing Property
Resistant to Wear Over Time
Preserves Natural Beauty & Colour of the Wood
Easy to Use
Low Odor
Premium range of Italian finishes
Your Italian Autograph

Italian Wood Coatings

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The smoothest finish to your walls

Wall Paints

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Wood Coatings

The desire to always suggest the best solution to any customer request, are the engines that push us to go further, to overcome the limits of the existing, offering more and more.
Antique Walnut
Raspberry Red
Lemon Yellow
Fair Walnut
Medium Walnut
Light Walnut
Blue Extra Concentrated
Violet Red
Sun Yellow
Reddish Walnut
Dark Walnut
Bright Orange
Brown Walnut