Ecstatic Decor with Premium Glass Coatings

Sirca includes special topcoat series specific for glass in its products range which complements furniture, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom decor.

Marvel at the Brilliance of Italian Art

With glass coatings to complement any interior, your interiors get an added charm of sophistication and elegance. You get what you wish for and a chance to stand out with premium beauty — the Italian touch of elegance for your home with eternal finesse.

Bring the real essence of luxury into your spaces

We make your living space come alive with alluring aesthetics and our diverse product range. Our waterborne and solvent-based bi-component pigmented topcoats are suitable for glass painting. With the pigmentation & water or solvent-based pastes, you can create a wide variety of different shades to accentuate the look of your interiors. Paint your furniture, doors, and kitchens with customizable colours of Sirca’s glass coating line that is resistant to temperature changes and can also be used near heat sources.