Kreos is an eco-friendly paint characterized by unique softness to the touch. It’s malleability and extreme workability allow for great creativity in terms of effects: from the weave of a fabric to a slate surface. Ideal for high-traffic environments, Kreos is abrasion resistant and breathable. Thanks to its 3D effect, it perfectly hides the imperfections of the surfaces where it is applied.


Volume/ Weight

1 Ltr.4 Ltr.10 Ltr.


Thanks to its composition, the product offers a good level of filling, remains soft to the touch, and is easily workable. With the right tool, it can be used to produce classic decorations or modern designs at the whim of the designer and the ability of the decorator.

Excellent Washability

Abrasion Resistant

React on Fire

Vapor Permeable

Certified Class A+

3D Effect



Excellent Breathability

Easy to Apply

Wide Range Of Colors

Levelling And Covering

Versatile Collection

With the OIKOS Tintometer System, Unlock a World of Possibilities as Preloaded Formulas Enrich the Palette, Allowing the Creation of Countless Shades using just 2 Bases. Experience Effortless Color Mixing, Empowering You to Bring Your Vision to Life with Ease. Elevate Your Artistry with the Boundless Potential of the Kreos Color Collection and Embrace a Spectrum of Inspiration.

Pure & Safe Walls

The product is free from heavy metals such as lead or chrome. It does not contain toxic solvents, aromatics, or chlorides. There is no risk of any dangerous polymerization. The product is considered as being a non-hazardous substance if used in the technically correct manner.