Ultrasaten is a stain-resistant, ecological, ultra-covering, extra washable, wall paint. Ultrasaten can be cleaned, is resistant to scratches, and abrasions, and is easy to wash. It is so easy to clean with a wipe from a sponge, without ruining or discoloring any of your paint finishes. That is why it is ideal for areas with a high frequency of people, such as stairways, corridors, kitchens, and children’s bedrooms, where continuous cleaning is a necessity.


Volume/ Weight

1 Ltr.4 Ltr.10 Ltr.


Thanks to its formulation in White + 3 bases, over 3000 colors can be produced using the tinting machine. The colors can be selected in the Oikos color collection and also using the RAL and NCS systems.

It is resistant to all stains: Drink, Spray, Coffee, Sauces, Fruit Juices, Mud, but also Children’s drawings on the wall. Nothing leaves its mark.

Breathe Healthy


Excellent Coverage


HACCP Certification


Stain Resistant

Unbeatable Washability

Wide Range Of Colors

Tested on every stain and mark, in every environment

Ultrasaten is the ideal product to use in several contexts: it gives its best in places where cleanliness and continuous hygiene are indispensable, but also when marks and wear and tear are just to be expected. Unbeatable in schools, hospitals, offices, and places where there is contact with food (such as kitchens, canteens, bars, and restaurants). Ultrasaten is the most creative, ecological choice for homes too, especially in the kitchen, playroom, and the kids’ bedrooms.

Healthy Environment

Ultrasaten allows you to live in healthy environments because it reduces all harmful emissions (very low VOCs) to a minimum, ensuring the well-being and total freedom to breathe clean air while being certain that you are not polluting the environment with toxic paints.