RUSTIC Textured Finish

Sirca Rustic is a modified acrylic, silica-based product that can used to give a wide range of innovative trowel-based patterns for interior and exterior wall surfaces.



Available Packs

1 Ltr.4 Ltr.10 Ltr.20 Ltr.

Directions for use

Filling for cracks

Surface should be free from any loose paint, dust or grease. Growths of fungus, algae or moss should be removed by wire brushing and water. In case of areas having excessive dampness use SIRCA Paints Damp Block to limit further dampness. Even after cleaning if the surface shows chalkiness, use SIRCA Paints Exterior Sealer to get an even surface.


New masonary surfaces must be allowed to cure completely. It is recommended to allow 28 days as the curing time for new masonary surfaces.


For filling cracks upto 3mm use Sirca Paints Crack Seal.

Filling for holes & dents

In case of dents and holes use SIRCA Paints Acrylic Wall Putty or white cement and fine sand in the ratio 1:3.


  • Do not apply when ambient temperature is less than 10°C or if the temperature might drop to this level within 4 hrs of application.
  • Use of Universal Stainers or colourants is not recommended.
  • Do not keep material open for a long time.
  • Product cannot be applied on surfaces/substrates that are subjected to continuous seepage or dampness.
  • Stir well before use

Painting Care

  • For the best performance of the paint, ensure proper washing and cleaning of all algal and fungal growth, if any, at regular intervals of six months.

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