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The production of D’AQUA PU involved a thorough investigation of more than 10,000 compounds and VOC emissions. As a result, our product is in full compliance with the strict low-emission criteria of Greengard regulations. It helps to maintain high indoor air quality, and is free of any chemicals or unpleasant odors. D’AQUA PU is particularly suitable for use in children’s furniture. We take pride in our product’s high quality and its contribution to an eco-friendlier future.

We are fully committed to serving our customers and making available to them our quality, innovation, and creativity.

Sirca’s Wood Coatings are created with cutting-edge technologies available in the industry to establish global standards. This range encompasses an assortment of products, such as waterborne coatings, solvent-based paints, and impregnating agents for flooring renovation, along with various accessories commonly used in daily life.

We are known for our quality and reliability, and our widespread dealer and distribution network throughout India reflects this. Whether you want to revitalize your walls or add sophistication to your furniture, Sirca has top-of-the-line products to meet all of your needs.

Sustainable Elegance

We aspire to innovate and transform the world of coatings

The D’Aqua PU by Sirca is a novel collection of water-based coatings that offers an attractive wood-grain appearance while being environmentally friendly. It’s a fast-drying self-sealer that works well on furniture such as doors, veneers, and solid wood, as well as other wood products. Due to its toxin-free qualities, it is safe to use on furniture for children, pregnant women, and the elderly. This high-end water-based paint provides protection against UV rays and conforms to green-guard standards.

Bringing new dimensions to eco-friendly interiors

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