Supercolor is a paint that is 100% eco-friendly and guarantees top
performance wet-scrub resistance, breathability, yield, and coverage

Excellent wet-scrub resistance (class 2), which means it is easy to clean and especially suitable for rooms subject to high levels of dirt.

Breathable meaning that since the walls can breathe, they can guarantee an excellent healthy environment, making this paint ideal for humid environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens.



This paint has a high yield, which means a low cost per square metre, and therefore, excellent value for money. As well as great product savings. Its exceptional coverage means it can be used to repaint surfaces that have already been covered using bold or dark colours, which is a guarantee of maximum time savings.

Excellent Washability

Excellent White Balance

Wide Range of Colours

High Breathability

Very Cost-Effective

Ideal for all Environments

Great Coverage

Smooth Matte Effect


High Yield

Tested and Guaranteed by OIKOS Since 1984

Unbeatable Care and Respect for the Environment

SuperColor is a Super Eco-friendly product with no harmful substances (extremely low VOC content) Its breathability allows people to breathe in healthy, mould-free air. SuperColor and its production cycle create no waste that can pollute the environment. This lets the planet breathe too.

Room for Quality Wherever You Need It

SuperColor is recommended in any room, whether at home or work, even where there is a risk of dirt or dampness. In fact, its wet-scrub resistance means it is easy to clean, while its breathability allows every wall to breathe perfectly. SuperColor just cannot be beaten on any type of wall, including standard plaster or chalk render…or for any painting need.