Multidecor Skin

Multidecor Skin is an eco-friendly matt paint characterized by an elegant texturized effect that is soft to the touch that creates – thanks to the material – games of light and darkness that enliven the surfaces.


Volume/ Weight

1 Ltr.4 Ltr.


The texture effect to the touch has a wide range of colors and textures. Has excellent washability, is abrasion resistant, is matt, has low dirt pick up, has high breathability, and is versatile, contemporary, and elegant. It is easy to apply and is suitable for high transit and traffic environments. Recommended for large surfaces.

Excellent Washability

Low Dirt Pick Up

React on Fire


Abrasion Resistant

Versatile Textures

Wide Range of Colors

Recommended For Large Surfaces

Suitable For Domestic As Well As Commercial Interiors

Suitable for domestic as well as commercial interiors ranging from contemporary rural to industrial chic, its innovative formulation allows the creation of infinite textures when in the hands of expert decorators. The ones offered have been chosen to exalt the elegant nature of the texture and at the same time highlight the depth and intensity of the selected color.

A+ Emission Walls for Pure Indoor Air

It certifies the level of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC-COV) in indoor environments. VOC/COVs that are released into the environment pose a risk to human health. The indoor emission classes for volatile substances range from A+ (very low emissions) to C (high emissions).