Premium Italian Wall Textures By

With a history of creating premium interiors with an upmarket look and feel, Oikos in association with Sirca has been evolving over time to become a point of reference in Italy and worldwide.

Blending Italian Extravagance...

Sirca India and Oikos come together to curate a harmonious blend of Italian extravagance and innovative wall textures. With the motto, “Solve the problems others ignore!”, the brand provides a seamless support system, helping with design selection and ensuring successful application, making the journey hassle-free and satisfying for all!

Combining wellness, health, and environmental values, OIKOS has managed to become a distinctive global brand. The use of natural materials, sustainable manufacturing processes, and Italian heritage showcases the fusion of tradition, innovation, and eco-friendly design, altogether.

Certifications & Awards

Leading the way in eco-friendly practices and sustainability, OIKOS strictly adheres to European regulations. Through lab tests and meticulous production monitoring, they proudly hold certifications like ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for environmental practices, and the esteemed “Responsible Innovation” certification.

Exhibition of Excellence

Premiumness that resides in our work, reflecting in the shine that we put forth.