Travertino Romano

The beauty of nature, the strength of natural stone, an eco-friendly innovation by Oikos. Since 2004, it has been using powdered quarry waste, with the addition of mixed binders, to form a creamy paste that, when applied on the wall, reproduces the same natural texture without altering its characteristics.


Volume/ Weight

5 Kg20 Kg


It is only a few millimeters thick to change all surfaces. It is a natural product and its high breathability counteracts moisture and prevents the growth of mold and bacteria.

Breathe Healthy


Wide Range of Colours


Without Formaldehyde

Preserving Resources, Enhancing Spaces

Used for centuries in extraordinary still-intact works, travertine is today a precious natural resource at risk of depletion due to massive harvesting in quarries. We have always been attentive to environmental protection; after years of careful research, since 2004 for the first time in the world, Travertine can be harvested without compromising our mountains.

Scraps are pulverized, added to binders, and blended into a creamy paste. A particular tool and the skill of craftsmen combine to replicate Travertino Romano.

Embracing Wellness with Eco-Friendly Walls

Wellness at home without formaldehyde, without sacrificing sustainability, ecology, and respect for the environment and health. Total guarantee of breathing healthy air.