Eco-friendly decorative paint, ideal for creating reflective shades that change according to the light. Since 2006, it has been original metallic effect on the wall, versatile, and capable to create different hues while maintaining our principles of eco-friendliness and well-being.


Volume/ Weight

1 Ltr.4 Ltr.


Its slightly textured grain recreates opaque metallic effects on the wall, which vary according to the lighting exposure.

It’s a versatile paint finish: quick and easy to apply by brush, joint-free. With particular application techniques, it is possible to create unique finishes for the most demanding, high-level interior projects. It is without totally ecological, vapor permeable, with good washability.


Excellent Washability


Vapor Permeable

Without Formaldehyde

Versatile Applications

Experience the Perfect Fusion of Style and Functionality as Encanto Transforms Every Space into a Work of Art. Elevate Your Surroundings with Confidence, Knowing Encanto Delivers the Ideal Solution for Any Setting. Unlock the Power of Versatility with Encanto and Redefine the Boundaries of Design.

Endless Furnishing Solutions

It is presented with 7 different textures that enhance the charm of the product’s reflections. Endless furnishing solutions are possible with Encanto, thanks to the creativity and technical skills of a Master Decorator.