Concrete Art

Wall Textures

Concrete Art

Decorative finish with concrete effect for indoor/outdoor use


Volume/ Weight

1 Ltr.4 Ltr.

Directions for use

CONCRET_ART is an acrilyc siloxane decorative coating that enables to obtain surfaces with a strong character of solidity and concreteness typical of the “fair-face” concrete. The acrylic binder, associated with the siloxane component, ensures CONCRET_ART a high surface hardness, good breathability and resistance to rain water.
The application methods enable to obtain effects ranging from the uniform minimalist to the gently antiqued.
The formulation is adaptable to the various requirements of modern building. Indoor is indicated in the commercial and residential areas, where is possible to reproduce on any wall the effects of the concrete “washout”, “formwork”, “smoothed” following the canons of the contemporary style of interior design.
Outdoor are achievable effects like “fine smoothed” and “medium smoothed” aesthetic solutions in terms of weather resistant.



Brush and Sponge


4-6 m²/l




Tinting System Marcromie


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Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment

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