Premium Italian Wall Textures

With a history of creating premium interiors with an upmarket look and feel, Sirca Wall Textures has been evolving over time to become a point of reference in Italy and worldwide.

Italian Wall Textures

Plush and exuberant wall textures coming from the land of Italy form the foundation of Sirca wall textures, where class and distinctiveness are knitted together to incarnate exceptional textures and designs that accentuate the beauty of your interiors. These Italian wall textures put forth a wide range of elite products, incorporating premium vibrancy into the interiors.

The royal finishes eventuate from the smooth consistency of the paints, leaving behind a gleaming feel to your home. A place where wall textures speak gloss and rooftops speak durability is what is provided by this exquisite range. Step ahead and choose Sirca to enter the prism of beautiful premium Italian textures.

Exhibition of Excellence

Premiumness that resides in our work, reflecting in the shine that we put forth.

The Merchandise of Excellence

Exhibiting grandeur with each stroke of this range by speaking the language of perfection.
Marcopolo Luxury

Marcopolo creates luminous walls with a classy metallic finish

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Marcopolo Sable

Interior decorative finish with sand texture effect

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Professional decorative iridescent finish for interiors

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Concrete Art

Decorative finish with concrete effect for indoor/outdoor use

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Base coat for interior decorative finishes

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Decorative finish with unrefined metal effect for interiors

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Marmorino Classico

Trowelled decorative indoor-outdoor mineral based coat

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