Raffaello Decorstucco

In 1990, after a careful research on ancient Stucco and Marble processing techniques,
Oikos unearthed these
extraordinary decorative effects, creating a product that reminisces the allure of classic wall stucco.

A product of outstanding quality, capable of making any room wealthylooking and elegant; named after the famous Italian Painter and Architect Raffaello Sanzio, who, in his works, used chromatic materials and sophisticated marble effects.

2020 is an important year: it marks the 500th anniversary of Raffaello’s death, and the 30th anniversary of the launch of the product that most of all contributed to build the history of Oikos decorative stucco

Its exceptional coverage means it can be used to repaint surfaces that have already been covered using bold or dark colours, which is a guarantee of maximum time savings.


Having natural, ecofriendly
Formaldehydefree, A+ certified
Healthy, transpiring and longlasting surfaces Obtained from marble production residues and transformed into a workable plaster, as in ancient times.

Unbeatable Care and Respect for the Environment

Oikos wants to celebrate these two anniversaries with a complete product restyling and
a new finishing collection ideally connected to the genius loci
of eight Italian cities:
Florence, Carrara, Vicenza, Rome, Tivoli, Naples and Milan, where stucco applied
with peculiar techniques and finishes made the history of wall

Room for Quality Wherever You Need It

SuperColor is recommended in any room, whether at home or work, even where there is a risk of dirt or dampness. In fact, its wet-scrub resistance means it is easy to clean, while its breathability allows every wall to breathe perfectly. SuperColor just cannot be beaten on any type of wall, including standard plaster or chalk render…or for any painting need.