There are a lot of ways to make walls look good now. One of the most famous ways remains textured wall paints. Are you planning to use textured paint finishes interior? Do you want to make your boring walls look great? If yes, then this article is for you.

You will get to know all the essential details about using textured walls here in this article, so buckle down and let’s dive deeper without further ado.

What is Texture Wall Paint?

Texture paint is a gritty, rough application of paint that adds texture to a plain wall using various methods.

This paint provides depth and texture to the wall’s ordinarily flat surface, and it can be used to hide flaws or create a variety of imitation finishes. Hence, it’s also sometimes used to hide imperfections in the walls.

It nearly has a 3D effect on your walls, and the appropriate color combinations in wall texture painting can work wonders.

It is a long-term replacement for wallpaper.

Why Choosing a Textured Wall Paint a Good Idea?

Textured wall paint is a great way to make your interior walls look perfect and classy at the same time. Here are a few reasons to use textured paint in your home, have a look-

  • Because of its thick structure, it is more lasting and requires less application.
  • It conceals the flaws in the walls.
  • It is resistant to all types of weather and does not allow algae or fungi to grow on the walls.
  • It’s water-based; therefore, it’s less harmful than ordinary oil-based paint.
  • It’s simple to keep up with.
  • Texture paint on walls can be any color, from plain to shiny.
  • Texture paint is more attractive and gives the walls a distinct look.
  • It is the simplest method for creating optical illusions on the walls. With texture paint, one can make the appearance of tiles or marbles on the walls.

Types of Texture Paint Techniques that You Can Try

There are a plethora of textures to choose from. However, not all go well for every kind of household; that is why we have picked up some of the best surfaces that you can choose from. These texture styles look good in every setting.

Here is the list, have a look-

Smooth texture paint- It does not require any sand grains to create the look. Usually, for giving this texture, thick paint is used.

Knockdown texture paint- This texture paint is solid and long-lasting. Spraying a 1/8-inch-thick paint coat is required for this type of paint. The high peaks are knocked down with a putty knife or trowel after the first layer has dried.

Popcorn texture paint- When completely done, this texture appears to be like popcorns. This texture is achieved by missing Styrofoam to the colour being used.  

Slap brush texture paint- It’s a terrific texture design to make unique wall designs on an imperfect wall.

A Slap Brush texture is a texture paint that uses a ‘crows-foot,’ ‘panda paw,’ or ‘stomp’ brush. One of these brushes is used to create texture patterns for a dashing look, and a meeting is utilized to apply to stamp, slapping, twisting, or sweeping.

Roll-on textured paint- It is a textured paint layer that you apply before painting the room with regular paint. To obtain the desired look, this sub-layer can be used with a brush, roller, trowel, comb, or any other painting equipment of your choice.

Summing Up

Textured walls can transform the way your home looks like. If you are planning to do it, then go for it; you are making an intelligent decision.

Now that you know so many texture styles choose one and change the looks of your home today!

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