Bedroom wall colours may not seem important at first, but when you realize that you’re going to be spending a lot of time surrounded by the colour – you start to pay attention.

Apart from the time you spend in your bedroom, everything from the furniture to the lampshades you purchase depends on the wall colour you choose. With the sheer number of choices available to you, it’s nerve-wracking at best.

But, worry not, cause here you have a list of the best bedroom colours to make your room the very best.

Colour Options for Your Bedroom

Once you’ve chosen your bedroom, it’s time to move on to the best bit – the colour.

Now, it’s nerve-wracking to pick a colour because of the sheer number of options. But, having just a few to choose from can make things easier, especially when you know the benefits of each colour type and can see how they work with your requirements.

The Standard White

Let it not be said that white is not a good option for the bedroom. There’s a reason it is a standard, after all.

White paint has several advantages:

  • It’s invigorating and leaves the room feeling airy and bright
  • Matches any accent pieces
  • It doesn’t make a room feel cluttered when there are brown/rustic pieces added
  • Illuminates darker corners of the room
  • It is tasteful for guest rooms

The New Orange

Black may not be your first choice for a bedroom wall, but it serves as a great accent wall colour. Here’s what it can do for your bedroom:

  • It provides your room with a bold, elegant, and stylish feeling.
  • Separates your room from the rest of the house very well
  • Adds texture to a room

Even as you choose to paint an accent wall black, be sure to add any white or pink elements to the room. It brightens up the space and ensures that the black doesn’t take over the space.

Pale Colours for the Win

Colours like grey, beige, and more cool-toned options often seem too dull for a bedroom. But, the misconception can have you losing out on some great colour choices.

  • The colours are less distracting and let you focus more on wall decor.
  • It offers a cleaner look to the room
  • The comforting and calming aura

While it’s not for everybody, pale colours are a great wall colour for anybody that simply wants to unwind after a long day.

Lilac Love

While most shades of purple are a great option, lilac, in particular, is a beautiful wall colour. Despite usually being associated with a young girl’s princess room, it’s an option even an adult should consider.

  • Creates a calming aura
  • It helps create a stress-free environment
  • Works well with other colours

Merry Marigold

If you’re sure you want something yellow but can’t find the right shade, then try marigold. It’s yellow without being too bright and offers you multiple advantages:

  • Brightens up the room
  • Provides a happy aura
  • It is still calming and doesn’t disrupt sleep patterns

Marigold works very well with brown furniture and blue/green accents.

Comfortable Cream

Cream is another option if you’re not one for standard whites or cool-toned greys. It’s in the same colour scheme without appearing bland, boring, or ordinary.

  • It offers the room a neat, clean, and calming aura
  • It’s still bright and can reflect natural light well
  • It goes well with multicoloured accents and furniture

Every Shade of Blue

By far, one of the most popular, ‘non-standard’ bedroom colours is any shade of blue. From the navy blues to the sky blues, every shade of blue has the same advantages:

  • Calming, ocean-like feeling
  • Aesthetically pleasing to most
  • Works best with brown furniture

Wrapping Up

Whether you choose to paint your room every colour of the rainbow or go with brick textures instead, the choice is yours. But, if you’re desperately confused and need some direction, then you can’t go wrong with any of the colours mentioned above. Every option will leave you with a comfortable, calming, and stress-free environment, from blue walls to black accents.

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