Do you know the overall look and feel of your home greatly affect your mood? Therefore, each and every corner of your home should be absolutely pleasing and stunning for your eyes. Ranging from soothing neutrals to bright shades, a number of options are available to choose from. In addition to that, it is very important to stay on trend and apply decorative wall paints that are popular at present.

Renovating a house is quite a tricky as well as time-consuming task. Once you decide that you want to go ahead with it, you may find it very difficult to know where to begin. Other doubts include “whom to contact, how much to spend, which style to pick, etc.”. In order to help you make the right choice, we present the best ideas for painting your home with Italian decorative paints in this article.  

Renovating the walls of your home

You can begin covering the walls of your home with plaster when the partition layout has been set and the renovation has begun. Not only for decorative purposes, wall plastering is necessary for protective purposes as well. There are 2 kinds of plasters:

  • Exterior plasters protecting façade walls from the weather elements
  • Interior plasters with a humidity control function making the walls breathable

Only after finishing plastering your walls, you should begin decorating them with your choice of finish.

Italian-style wall decor ideas

When renovating your home, the most important decision to make is choosing the best wall decorative effect. For determining the style of your home, the key factors are the right paint finish and technique for interior walls.   

Textured walls

A textured wall can offer an interesting appeal to your living room. For this purpose, texture wall paints are used. Rag rolling, stippling, and marbling are some of the traditional techniques that are used for creating a look with more than one shade. If you want to give an instant luxurious look to your wall, the. Add texture designs to your walls. Brick designs are trending these days. However, if you want that, then ensure to texture them first before painting.  

Levelled walls

For the best results, keep a fine degree of contrast between colours. An important factor, in this case, is the size of your room. You can play with dimensions using stripes and shades if the room is smaller. If you want to give an illusion of a bigger room, then pick a brighter shade as it will reflect light better. An aura of elegance and calming environment is created with this option.    

Combination walls

An exclusive touch can be imparted to your room walls if you combine vibrant wall texture ideas with levelled paints. Thus, an accent wall can be created and an incredible look can be achieved on the walls with trendy textures.   

Create a balance–this is the key to a successful interior design. Space can feel cold and ordinary without enough textured elements. People’s likings are different. Someone may love a room that is full of textured elements, while the other person may find the same room ‘too much! you should try to maintain a balance by reflecting on your personality and making the right selections.   You can always visit the Sirca Paints store or call on its number to book an appointment for excellent painting services. The experts will visit your home and inspect the walls carefully and recommend you the best products as per your budget and preferences. This Delhi-based company has become a leading market player when it comes to paints and coatings.

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