Though one can get their walls a fresh coat of paint anytime they want, if you’re good at noticing the tell-tale signs your home exhibit, you’d come to know exactly when to repaint. It often happens that we tend to neglect the smallest hints of wall problems which turn into major concerns once delayed. Timely detection can not only save your walls from severe damage but it will revamp the outlook of your home too, making a bigger impact under affordable budget.

Has the paint started to peel?

Dampness can often invite itself. There can be instances when water content or heavy moisture seeps through the walls and make certain areas in your house vulnerable to peeling. The peeling or flaking of paint is a serious issue and needs to be accurately dealt with if you wish to keep mould growth and further damage away.

Can you see the walls covered with scuff marks?

In rooms with maximum occupancy, there’s a greater chance of wear and tear that comes naturally in the form of scuff marks. A mark here and there can be avoided, however once you see too many permanent spots and stains coming up, the easiest solution is consider repainting before the blemishes become an eyesore to look at.

Is the color visibly fading?

High-quality paint is supposed to keep its colour longer despite regular exposure of sun and rain. However, longer exposure stretched over a considerable period or other factors like water intrusion can make the paint subdue. As much as it’s not aesthetic to keep it this way, it also shows possibility of occurrence of damage.

Are you planning to sell your home?

There’s nothing more inviting for a prospective consumer than a well-painted house. Homes sell easier when they are painted in aesthetically appealing colors thereby, making a nice first impression. Simply put, it tells a lot about the owner also as someone who has taken such good care of their home seems like an honest seller to the buyers.

A well-painted home works like charm for escalating your mood no matter how rough your day has been. Hence, go ahead and read the signs. Who knows your interior walls might be calling for a fresh coat of paint

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