When you’re picking out paint for your home, you get the option of picking luxury paint. However, there are multiple things to know before picking up a pail of paint.

Not all luxury paints are made the same. Some are better for bathrooms; others can’t handle moisture, most others will require maintenance. Picking the right luxury paint comes down to choosing the right finish, and that’s what you’re here to learn today!

The Types of Finishes

Before you choose luxury paint, it’s vital to pick the type of finish you need, not want. There are multiple different kinds of finishes to choose from, including:

  • High Gloss: There’s a high reflecting effect from high gloss paints. You’ll get a mirror-like finish at the end that adds a glossy touch to the room.
  • Semi-Gloss: While not as reflective and glossy as high gloss paint, you’ll find a tinge of a glossy finish to the paint. It’s just reflective enough to move light about a room!
  • Satin: If you’re not looking for semi-gloss exactly, satin is a great choice. It’s very similar to semi-gloss paints, but there is a noticeable difference in gloss level.
  • Eggshell: Eggshell luxury paints offer more depth than regular flat paint but don’t have the shine and gloss of satin.
  • Matte: Matte paints have a rich, velvety quality to them. They’re the most common and preferred choice when buying luxury paints because they showcase the depth of colour very well!
  • Textured Paint: You can opt for textured luxury paint if you want something different from the usual glossy or matte paints. Whether you want it to look like marble or are looking into a particular design, they’re a step away from the norm.

How to Choose a Finish

While it’s great to have options to choose from, there’s more to finishes than aesthetic preference. Here is how you choose your luxury paint finish based on practicality.

High Gloss

Contrary to what you might think, high gloss paints are very durable. They’re also best for high moisture areas. If it’s dark and dull, then a high gloss paint can significantly brighten the space and make it look elegant and dazzling.

Not to mention, they’re effortless to maintain! So, when you put it in your bathrooms or the exterior walls, you’ll have no problem cleaning it up!


Much like the glossier version, semi-gloss paints are great for places that retain a lot of moisture or tend to stain easily. The gloss is high enough to reflect light and considerably brighten the area, even when using darker colours.

They’re great paints for kitchens, kids’ rooms, and bathrooms. You could also use them in your living room!


If you’re looking for paint that looks good, has a slight shine, but is durable and easy to clean, then you’ve got satin paints. They’re great for more travelled areas of the house as they don’t wear out quickly. It’s great for both children’s bedrooms and kitchens!

But, any cracks or imperfections in the wall will stand out. It also tends to pick out the patchy sections, so you need to ensure your prepping and priming before applying satin finish paint.


While you’ll be doing more maintenance for an eggshell finish, it’s still an excellent choice for living spaces, passages, and bedrooms. Since it offers greater depth without the shine, it can help the wall decor and room stand out more than the walls themselves.


While it is a commonly chosen finish, it is tough to maintain. It’s chosen not just because of the luxurious look of matte paint but how well it hides imperfections. But, it will constantly need to be refurbished and maintained. 

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right finish is the most important aspect of choosing luxury paint. It’s easy to get swept away by the look and elegance of the different paints, but selecting the one that is most practical and suited to your home is how you will make the colour last a long time.

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