If you love to paint and are thinking of painting your wooden furniture on your own, then you have landed on the right blog. Here, you will get to know the best paint coating methods for your wooden furniture. On the other hand, if you have painted wooden surfaces earlier but it didn’t go well, then also this blog will help you in knowing what went wrong. In this article, we explain the set of procedures that you should follow if you are going to paint your wooden furniture.  

Steps to paint wooden furniture


It is the first step and is very important as it helps in removing tiny soot and grimes. If there are specks of dust left on wooden surfaces, then it will reduce the adhesion between your furniture and the paint. You can buy powder cleansers from a paint shop and use them to remove the grimes with more accuracy. This process is further classified as sanding and stripping.

Sanding- In this step, you have to removing scratches on the corner and joints of the wooden furniture. This process roughens the surface so that it can easily grab the paint.

Stripping- In this step, you should remove any stickers or existing paint on any part of your wooden furniture.

Adhesion test

You have to check the adhesion quality of the wooden surface after the sanding and stripping processes are complete. For that, apply primers on the furniture. Ensure that it has adhered to the wood without forming bubbles as soon as the primer dries.


In this step, you have to disassemble the wooden furniture completely. There may be a possibility that it is quite difficult for you to disassemble. In such a situation, just remove the joints that are connected by the screws. This will help you to paint every joint and corner of the wooden furniture. After getting done with the painting process on the disassembled parts, let them dry and re-assemble again.


Trim the feathers of your paintbrush if your wooden furniture has mould. If you don’t carry out the trimming process, then it can result in splitting the paints into other parts of the furniture where you want to apply some other colour.

First coat

Start the painting process by using a minimal amount of paint. You should move rollers with even pressure and proceed in the same direction till completion. Also, you should apply the first coating on the edges and never pour paints on cavities. If you are using dark colours such as brown or black, then you should be more careful while painting as it may ruin the entire appeal of the furniture if not painted properly. After the first coating process is over, let it dry for one to two hours. In case during the drying process, you find any spots that you missed, then don’t rush. You can fix it on the second coating. If the wooden furniture appears to be saturated after the first coating, then it means you have done a good job!    

Second coat

Almost complete work is over in the first coating itself. However, you should do a second coating as well to ensure that the furniture looks even from everywhere. In this step, just apply paint only on those spots where it seems diminished.

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