The prickling heat during the summer season calls for a fresh coat to paint your home with. However, one needs to settle on the perfect hue to invite-only soothing vibes in. What paint colors say fresh air, cool breezes and lazy afternoons? Whether you wish to give your space a quick seasonal update, or you’re in for channelling summertime across all corners, these summer colors will do the trick.

Here we bring you a quick list of soft and sober colors that you can pick one from to keep your home cool and edgy during this season. Let’s freshen up the place where you spend half your life in and where your child took his first steps – your HOME.

Refreshing Yellow

What comes first in your mind when you think of Yellow – The brisk lemons or the sunny afternoon? Being one of the most hippy and exotic colours, yellow is both cheery and warm and it signifies a happy mood. You can either paint just the bottom part of your wall with this color or dedicate an entire wall. Pair it up by painting the rest of the room with soft neutrals. However, do remember to keep it minimal as overusing this color as this may lead to visual fatigue.

Frosty Aqua

It is bold yet playful and gives you the feeling of living beneath the clear sky and floating under the ocean. Without being too abrasive, the color gives your wall a statement. Beautiful and elegant are the words that describe Aqua as shade while having a strong synchronization ability. Would you not crave the comfort of returning from the hot weather to a home that’s cool, calm and rejuvenating!

Floral Pink

Pink quickly takes us to flowers in bloom and buds still unopened. When compliment with other accessories and décor, this color can lift the panache of your spaces and wow guests! You can go all experimental with piling adjacent shades along for a true taste of summer. With poppy pillows and bold artwork, your freshly painted home would never go out of style even when summer is bidding goodbye.

Pastoral Green

Having a throw of green somewhere in your house feels like living amongst the bushes and a garden in a closed space. Green defines purity and peace. This color would fit in with a variety of other shades and opens up options for you to either go all out with a fun design scheme or stick to the basics and something traditional. With a pure bliss of tranquillity, a fresh coat of green is a treat to the eyes, just the amount of fun equating summer.

From waking up next to your bedroom tea to going back to sleep after a tiring day, your life revolves around your home. Now that you have it, our very own list of summer colors, go paint your summer story on your walls.

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