Wood finishing is an essential process that ensures the durability and appearance of the wood at your residence, office, factory, or commercial property. If you are setting out to get luxury wood coatings, first determine the indoor or outdoor settings.

It is important to determine whether you’ll be using your wood coating for indoor elements like furniture, cabinetry, wardrobe, or for outdoor ones like doors, windows, staircases, and so on.

Wood finishing is either done by manufacturers or contracts for readymade wooden pieces or by residents through the do-it-yourself (DIY) process. It enhances the appearance of the wooden surface, giving it desirable characteristics like durability, resistance, and it becomes easier to clean.

So, let’s dive into the types of luxury wood coatings.

 Types of Wood Coatings

wood coating

When it comes to the wood finishing process, there are two types: penetrating finish and surface finish. The penetrating finish is implemented on the wood when the wood needs to be healed internally. It enhances the performance of the wood and has higher dry times.

However, as the name suggests, surface finish is done only on the surface to augment the wood’s appearance and eliminate cracks and irregularities.

Oil Finishes

If you’re looking for luxury wood coatings that can rejuvenate wood quality, oil finishes are great. When the wood loses its natural oils, an oil coating can be used to restore it.

If the goal is to enhance the appearance of the wood and longevity, then wood coatings can be excellent. However, they are not good at protecting the wood. Mineral, tung, and linseed are the most common oil coatings.


Varnishes are excellent luxury wood coatings with resins, oils, thinners, or solvents as essential chemical ingredients. They can protect your wooden products from UV rays and nourishes the natural appearance of the wood. The commonly available varnishes come in glossy, matte, and satin finishes.

Water-Based Coatings

Water-based coatings are better compared to oil finishes due to their thin and opaque viscosity. They are excellent to amplify the natural color of the wood while imparting a glossy shine on the surface. If you’re planning to wood coat by yourself, choose a water-based coating as they have quicker drying times than oil finishes.


Wood paints are also common wood coatings that are of two types: latex and oil-based paints. Compared to oil-based paints, latex-based wood paint is better at offering protection and longevity to furniture and interior wooden surfaces. However, before you apply wood paint coating on your wooden surface, add a layer of primer to enhance the adhesiveness of the paint.


Shellac is released by the female lac bug in the forests in India and Thailand. After processing the resin, alcohol is blended with the solid flakes to develop a liquid that is used for wood finishing.

Shellac is excellent for all types of wood materials. It provides a glossy finish and acts as a great cover for wood surfaces. Before going for a shellac wood coating, note the wood shade and design properly. Consult a professional who will help you get the right shellac for you.


If you’re looking for the perfect luxury wood coatings, lacquer is the one. It has an even consistency and is highly viscous, making it great to enhance the natural appeal of the wood.

Lacquer is a clear and pigmented wood coating capable of producing a hard and durable finish on wooden pieces. Especially if you have luxurious wooden furniture in the house which needs renovation, lacquer is excellent to give it the proper appeal. It is also water-resistant.

To Wrap Up

If you’re inexperienced in wood coatings, it is better to consult a professional for guidance. It is also essential to have a clear goal in mind for your indoor and outdoor wood material so that you choose the right types of luxury wood coatings to get accurate results.

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