Your wooden furniture has been with you ever since you can remember. It has become a crucial part of your life. You can imagine coming back from the office and sitting on the sofa with a thud, and it brings a feeling within you that you’re finally home. 

Not just the wooden sofa but all the furniture in your residential surroundings is so ingrained in your life that they hardly get noticed. 

So, why not take a look at your furniture and give them a tribute by taking care of them more frequently than you usually do?

Let’s not treat our furniture as a liability and think of them only when there is noticeable damage. After all, furniture not only makes our homes lively but also makes them aesthetically appealing. 

If you’re convinced, a wood coating is a great way to increase the durability and appearance of your furniture. 

What Is Wood Coating?

Wood furniture in our homes is prone to absorbing moisture and other damaging agents like household chemicals, sunrays, dust, dirt, and beyond. 

Wood coating is a readymade solution applied on wooden surfaces to protect the wood from natural and artificial factors. Wood coatings are not only limited to wooden furniture. They can be used on any wooden material like frameworks, kitchen, wooden doors and windows, boards, plywood, and much more. 

Typically, a wood coating is applied in the final stage of setting up your wooden furniture. The first layer is called a wooden primer, which is another element that enhances your wooden furniture’s lifespan. 

Once the primer is applied and the paint is done, a wood coating comes into the picture. The wood coating is transparent and comprises a polyurethane-based ingredient. 

Wood coating applied on the paint gives the final touch to the wooden furniture, making it more aesthetic and shinier. Wood coating can be applied to the wood using a brush or spray. Two to three layers of wood coating are generally recommended. It makes the paint stick firmly on the surface and protects the surface from deterioration or unwanted agents. 

Ways To Take Care Of Your Wooden Furniture

Taking care of wooden furniture can be beneficial for your home. Think about the appreciation you’d receive if visitors came into a house of well-maintained and shiny wooden furniture!

  • Prepare The Surface For Coating: Before you set out to topcoat your wood, use sandpaper to scrub the surface. Scrubbing the surface with sandpaper ensures it is smooth and has no unevenness, making it ready for the wood coat. Apply at least two to three layers of the wood coat and give it around three to four hours to dry. For better smoothness, scrub the surface with sandpaper after each layer. 
  • Use Sandpaper: Sandpaper is a critical element to give your wooden surface a spotless and glossy look. It is essential to scrub the surface with sandpaper layer after layer because it helps the wood coat absorb more effectively and evenly throughout the surface. It is recommended to use coarse gravel sandpaper and fine-grit sandpaper for better smoothening of the surface. 
  • Repainting: If you intend to repaint the surface of the wood, see the condition of your previous layer of paint. If the paint is wearing off, remove the old layer of paint properly. Again, sandpaper is a handy tool to do that. Once you’ve removed the worn-off paint, repeat the cycle of primer, paint, and wood coat. At the end of the process, you’ll have new wooden furniture resting in front of you.

Final Words

To wrap it all, taking care of your furniture can go a long way. Your furniture holds tonnes of memories in it. So, why replace it when it requires minimal effort to look fresh and set?

You can take care of your furniture with these simple wood coating tips instead.

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