Home is created with the people it belongs to.

The hustle and giggles that your walls witness, the ambiance of the morning tea, the exuberant moments when family & friends come together, the everyday sweet chaos. Home is created with the simplest of things; with the people it belongs to.
At Sirca, we celebrate this feeling, the pure sense of belonging when one is homebound. Simply put we work towards conceptualizing a space that makes your home feel like yours. Sirca believes that home is beyond the warm and rich color palette, the swoosh of creativity, and the coatings that keep your woods alive. Sirca believes Ghar Hai Aapse!

Our Legacy

Our group is a successful company that, in line with the strategic choices of its founders, Tarcisio and Luigi Durante, continues to invest massively in Research and Development, using the best professionals and the most advanced technologies, to guarantee excellent coating products and services.

The smoothest finish to your walls

Wall Paint

Sirca offers a wide range of wall paints that are destined to provide the smoothest finish to your walls with an elegant appeal. Coming with high sheen levels and multiple shades, our wall paints last long and stand the test of climate & time. Discover the entire range.

Coated wooden surfaces with even brighter walls

Interior Exterior Wood Coatings

Sirca produces waterborne coatings, solvent-based paints and impregnating agents for protecting wooden structures and substrates for exterior use. Discover all the products and complete painting systems.
Waterborne and Solvent-based

Glass Coatings

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Waterborne and Solvent-based

Plastic Coatings

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Wood Stains

The desire to always suggest the best solution to any customer request, are the engines that push us to go further, to overcome the limits of the existing, offering more and more.
Antique Walnut
Raspberry Red
Lemon Yellow
Fair Walnut
Medium Walnut
Light Walnut
Blue Extra Concentrated
Violet Red
Sun Yellow
Reddish Walnut
Dark Walnut
Bright Orange
Brown Walnut

Key Features

The quality of “made in Italy” thus blends with innovation with an international scope to face together the challenges of the future.
Easy Cleaning

Coatings so smooth that resists stain & makes it easy to wipe clean.

Fast Drying

Our tough & durable finishes touch dry in no time.

Excellent Hardness

With extreme adhesive strength, our coatings exhibit layer hardness property.

Water Resistant

Addition of waterborne pigments, makes our coatings resistant to damage by water.

Heavy Metal Free

No heavy metal contained, which makes our coatings low in VOC & Green in nature.


Fitted for a wide range of surfaces, we innovate products catering to all kinds of applications.